Follow the Wind, for Contrabass Tuba and Brass- or Wind band, have had a huge success this year.

Played in several countries with both brass and windband. To the right you can listen to two different recordings.

One with Jörgen Ådvall and The Royal Swedish Navy band and one with Daniel Ridder and Musikkorps der Bundeswehr.

In the near future it will also be first performances in both the Netherlands and Austria.


The Swedish Nationals is due next weekend.

You can hear my music played by one of the bands in the second section.

They are playing "The Spirit" that I wrote for their anniversary this year.

I can´t write which band couse of closed adjudication.

If you are there, come and say hello. I´m conducting two bands.


Follow the Wind had first performance in Belgium by Marcel Boom and

Harmonieorkest De Volksgalm’, conducted by Frenk Rousschop.